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30yr Fixed
Rate APR Points
3.50% 3.569%     0.000 pts
20yr Fixed
Rate APR Points
3.30% 3.396% 0.000 pts
15yr Fixed
Rate APR Points


0.000 pts
5/1 ARM
Rate APR Points
3.25% 4.016% 0.000 pts
7/1 ARM
Rate APR Points
3.375% 3.947% 0.000 pts

Interest rate, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and payment information shown are for illustration purposes only and are not a rate quote. The actual interest rate, fees and APR available to you will be based on your credit history and specific loan details. For a personalized rate quote, please contact one of our mortgage loan officers. The information provided assumes the purpose of the loan is to purchase a property, with a loan amount of $150,000 and an estimated property value of $250,000. The property is located in Racine, WI and is within Racine county. The property is an existing single family home and will be used as a primary residence. An escrow (impound) account will not be established. Minimum down payment requirements will vary based on loan programs. The rate lock period for Fixed rates is 35 days, ARM rates is 49 days, and the assumed credit score is 740. Please note that the interest rate, APR and payment information shown are an approximation. Different rates and terms may be available to you based on your credit history and specific loan details. This is not a rate quote.