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Relocation Considerations

Job transfer? Joining your spouse-to-be? Returning to your family and hometown? You have plenty of company. U.S. Census data shows that among the more than 35 million Americans who move each year, these are some of the top reasons for relocating. In 2017, the Current Population Survey showed that 11 percent of U.S. residents moved, with 46 percent of those citing either family or employment as the motivation.

Once you’ve decided to move, finding a home likely is your top priority. And if you are among the 34 percent of mobile Americans who relocate to a different county, including those moving out of state, your home search will require you to start fresh, with everything from neighborhoods, to schools, and financial services.

A local lender is an ideal partner – beyond helping you with a mortgage – as you take those critical first steps in your relocation and home search. They should have broad expertise and strong relationships throughout your new community, and can help you choose a Realtor, identify desirable locations, school districts, entertainment areas and services you might need.

Finding a knowledgeable lender and establishing a trusted relationship will be key to a worry free relocation. Seeking a loan online might seem simple and efficient, but consider using a local mortgage loan officer who can help streamline the process and provide options to best fit your personal situation.