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Total Mortgage Payment

A good first step in the mortgage process is to determine a monthly mortgage payment that will fit into your current budget.

Choosing a Mortgage Professional

Be sure that you find a mortgage professional you can trust and work with effectively.

Your Initial Meeting with a Mortgage Professional

Find out what information you will need to prepare for your first meeting.

After Completing the Application

Find out more about what happens next in the approval process.

Two Key Factors in Qualifying

See what loan officers really look at when considering you for a loan.

Speed Up the Mortgage Process

Discover how you can shorten the time until closing.

Escrow Account Basics

Mortgage escrow accounts are special accounts set up in which money is held to pay taxes and insurance.

Mortgage Terminology

All the mortgage-related terms you need to know from A to Z.

Economic Terms

Use this primer to better understand economic terminology.